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General terms, orientation, shops and shopping, medications



Street - Ulitsa
Avenue - Prospekt (with a stress on the last syllable)
Alley - Pereulok
Boulevard - Bulvar (with a soft "l")
House - Dom
Appartment, flat - Kvartira (stress on the "i")

N.B. Russians give addresses in the following order: Street name, house #, (sometimes also korpus #, if several houses - in the newer districts - stand near each other and have the same #), and apartment #. In Moscow, the word stroyeniye is used instead of korpus.


20 Nevsky Prospekt - Nevsky Prospekt, dom 20 or Nevsky Prospekt 20 (Proounced: Nevskiy Pospekt dom dvadtsat')

Also possible: Sofiyskaya Ulitsa 15, korpus 2, kvartira 156.

Sometimes in spoken Russian street names are a bit shortened:

Nevsky 20, Sofiyskaya 10, etc.


How much is ... - Skol'ko stoit ...


Pharmacy (Chemist's shop) - Apteka
pharmacist - farmatsevt
prescription - retsept

How do I ask?

Do you have ...? - U vas yest' ...?
Do you have something for ... (e.g. headache)? - U vas yest' chto-nibud' ot ...(golovnoi boli)?
cold medicine - lekarstvo ot prostudy
decongestant - lekarstvo ot nasmorka
cough medicine - lekarstvo ot kashlya
food poisoning medicine - lekarstvo ot otravlenia

Different forms of medicines:

tablets - tabletki
capsules - kapsuly
ointment - maz'
drops - kapli
gel - gel'
suppositories - svechi

Eye drops - glaznye kapli
Nose drops - kapli v nos

Medical accessories.

Thermometer - gradusnik
Hot water bottle - grelka
heating pad - elektricheskaya grelka
Blood-pressure gauge - pribor dlia izmereniya davleniya


cotton - vata
bandages - binty
plasters - leikoplastyr' (N.B. this Russian word is always singular)

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