Seaport Passenger TerminalAll passenger sea vessels arrive in St. Petersburg at the Seaport Passenger Terminal. The terminal is located at the South-Eastern tip of Vasilyevsky Island, in the very end of Bolshoi Prospekt (V.O.). Buying a cruise to St. Petersburg might be a good idea since you do not need a visa, provided you spend every night on board your cruise ship.

Another option is to take a regular ferry boat to St. Petersburg. Unfortunately, most ferry operations were halted in 1996 when the Baltic Shipping Company went into receivership. However, in 1997 a Swedish-Russian joint venture called the Nordic Trucker Line has introduced a new ferry line which connects St. Petersburg with the Swedish town of Oxelsund. The new ferry boat Gothlund is a modern 9-deck vessel which carries 200 passengers.

To order tickets in Sweden call: +46-8-6780655 (fax: +46-8-6780755).

To order tickets in Russia call: +7-812-355-1390 (fax: +7-812-355-6140).



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