December 31, 1999

A special Gala Event will take place at Moscow Hotel on this very special New Year Night. Diverse entertainment program and a festive dinner will make this Millenium Night most enjoyable.

Here is what is planned for the Gala Night:

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From 10:30 pm to 10:55 pm guest are invited to enter the restaurant and take their seats at nicely decorated tables. Guests are greeted by Father Frost and the Snow Maiden. Mellow classical music is heard.

At 11:00 pm the New Year concert begins hosted by Father Frost himself. Dinner is served during the concert. See menu for details.

The concert program includes:
1) Ballet performance: fragments from THE NUTCRACKER by Pyotr Tchaikovsky performed by award-winning ballet company
2) Soloist of the Mariinsky Theater (formerly Kirov Opera) will perform famous opera arias
3) Folklore Ensemble "The Lights of St. Petersburg" will perform folk songs and dances
4) Circus performance with some New Year magic, yoga, animals and more...

At 11:50 pm Father Frost announces the departure of the year 1999 and invites the guests to drink to the NEW MILLENIUM. New Year greetings are given in several major languages.

At Midnight the bell chimes are heard, Champagne is served.

At 0:15 am Father Frost congratulates the guests with the arrival of the New Year. The second act of the New Year concert begins, featuring: 1) Variety show (25 minutes)
2) Hotel Moscow's Ensemble singing two songs
3) Father Frost announces a Gypsy Ensemble with songs, dances, violinist, folk games with guests willing to participate
4) Performance by a dance company

At 2 am Father Frost announces the arrival of New Year in most of Western Europe (GMT +1)

The cost of New Year Night is US$95 per person. Buy you ticket now!



Black Caviar on Vol-au-Vent with Greens and Lemon

Red Caviar on Vol-au-Vent with Butter, Greens and Lemon

Assorted Fish with Olives (smoked sturgeon, boiled sturgeon, etc. with Tartar sauce)

Prawn Cocktail (prawns, salad leaves, lemon, greens, olives, cocktail sauce)

Marinated Lamprey with sauce of onion-shallot and assorted greens

Assorted Cold Meats with Mixed Garnish (ham, smoked fillet of beef, assorted salami and sausages, cheese)

Cooked Beef Tongue in Jelly with Greens, Mushrooms and horse radish

Mini-pastries with Chicken Pate, butter, greens and paprika

Assorted Cheeses with Fruit (cheese roll, cheese with fruit, cheese with olives, soft cheese with crackers)

Fresh Vegetables stuffed with Greens, Tomatoes, Cooked Minced Beef, and other fillings.

Fillet of Chicken Stuffed with Mushrooms with Assorted Garnish (french fries, cooked pear with cranberries, steamed vegetables, greens)

Coffee, Tea

Assorted Cake

Fresh Fruit (bananas, grapes, tangerines)

Ice-Cream with fruit sauce

Vodka 1/3 bottle

Dry Red wine 1/2 bottle

Champagne 1/2 bottle

Mineral water

Plus a souvenir :-)

Soft drinks


The cost of New Year Night is US$95 per person. Buy you ticket now!

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