December 31, 1999

This New Year Season the historic Yusupov Palace - once the home of the noble Yusupov family - will host a very special New Year Ball with outstanding cultural program. SEE ALSO:
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Program of the Royal Ball

At 8 pm wind orchestra starts playing outside of the Yusupov Palace. Guests are invited to come inside the palace where they are greeted by the "courtiers" in period costumes. String Ensemble is playing in the upper vestibule of the palace. Guests are invited to a tour of the beautiful Yusupov Palace, once the home of the prominent noble family of Yusupovs.

From 8:40 pm cocktails are served in the Prezzioza Sitting Room and Nikolayevsky Hall. The cocktails are accompanied by mellow piano music.

At 9 pm the fanfares are heard and the Hostess of the Ball invites guests to the palace's theater where they will see a ballet performance. Dancers from St. Petersburg Ballet and Mariinsky (formerly Kirov) Ballet will perform episodes from world-renowned classical ballets.

At 9:40 pm, after the end of the show, guests are invited to the Large Banquet Hall beautifully set for a festive dinner. Tables are nicely decorated with silver chandeliers with lit candles. Dinner is accompanied by classical music performed by excellent musicians from St. Petersburg Philharmonic.

From 10 pm guests will enjoy many opera classics performed by soloists of the Mariinsky Theater (formerly Kirov Opera).

From 10:50 pm guest will admire the performance by singers and dancers of a Russian Folklore Ensemble.

At 11:30 pm a chamber choir will perform Christmas Songs.

At 11:45 pm female soloist from the Mariinsky Theater's Academy of Young Singers will perform Ave Maria by Caccini.

At 11:50 pm a brass band will enter the Banquet Hall and will play the royal polonaise during which the "courtiers" in period costumes enter the hall. The arrival of Peter the Great is announced…

At 11:57 pm Peter the Great enters the Hall to greet the guests who have assembled for the Ball. The Royan New Year toast is proclaimed just as the clock strikes midnight. Chimes of the Peter and Paul Cathedral's clock are heard followed by traditional Russian church bells.

At 0:15 am Peter the Great declares his interest in watching the continuation of the Ball. Guests can admire episodes from 18th century royal receptions and some beautiful period dances. The last dance it the valtz, which all the guests are welcome to join.

Guests are invited to proceed to the White (Dance) Hall where the Ball continues accompanied by dance orchestra. Everyone is welcome to dance.

At 1:30 am a singer with a guitar starts walking between tables while singing Russian and gypsy songs.

Dance program will continue till 4 am. The Ball is expected to end at around 4:30 am.

The cost of an all-inclusive ticket to this luxurious event is US$535.
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