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  1. Academy of Fine Arts Museum
    (Scientific Research Museum of the Russian Academy of Fine Arts)
  2. Akhmatova Museum
    (Anna Akhmatova Museum, Fontanny Dom)
  3. Anna Akhmatova "Silver Age" Municipal Museum
  4. Anthropology and Ethnography of the World Museum
    (Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography - Kunstkamera)
  5. Arctic and Antarctic Museum
  6. Artillery, Engineering and Communication Forces Museum
    (Military-Historical Museum of Artillery, Engineering and Communications Forces)
  7. Aurora Cruiser
  8. Beloselsky-Belozersky Palace
  9. Benois Family Museum
  10. Alexander Blok Apartment-Museum, branch of State Museum of St. Petersburg History)
  11. Bolotnaya 13, branch of Russian Political History Museum
  12. Bolshoy (Menshikovsky) Palace, Japanese Palace at Lomonosov
  13. Botanical Museum
    (Museum of V. Komarov Botany Research Institute)
  14. Bread Museum
  15. Isaak Brodsky Apartment-Museum  CLOSED FOR RECONSTRUCTION!
  16. Cabin of Peter the Great
  17. Catherine's Wing, Peterhof State Museum
  18. P.P. Chistyakov House Museum
  19. Chinese Palace at Lomonosov
  20. Church of Savior on the Spilled Blood
  21. Circus Museum

  22. City History Museum, see St. Petersburg City History Museum
  23. Civil Aviation Academy and Pulkovo Complex Museum.
  24. Commandant's House, Peter and Paul Fortress
  25. Communications Museum CLOSED FOR RECONSTRUCTION!
  26. Composers' House
  27. Conservatoire Museum
    (Museum of Nikolay Rimsky-Korsakov St. Petersburg Conservatoire)
  28. Cottage Museum at Peterhof / Petrodvorets

  29. Cruiser Aurora, see Aurora
  30. Decorative Applied Art Museum
    (Museum of Decorative Applied Art, St. Petersburg Artistic-Industrial Academy)

  31. Domik Petra I, see Cabin of Peter the Great
  32. Dostoyevsky Memorial Museum-Apartment
  33. Earth Science Museum (V. Dokuchaev Central Museum of Earth Science)
  34. Ethnography Museum (Russian Ethnographic Museum)
  35. Geology Museum (F.N. Chernyshev Central Research Geology Museum)
  36. Gazodynamicheskaya Laboratory, Museum of Rocket-Building Development.
  37. Grand Palace, Peterhof State Museum.
  38. The State Hermitage Museum.
  39. Hermitage pavilion, Peterhof State Museum
  40. Historical Museum of Wax Figures, at Lomonosov
  41. History Museum of the Town of Pushkin
  42. History of Religion Museum - Kazan Cathedral
    (St. Petersburg State Museum of the History of Religion)

  43. Kazan Cathedral, see History of Religion Museum - Kazan Cathedral
  44. Katalnaya Gorka Pavilion, at Lomonosov
  45. Kavalersky Corpus at Lomonosov
  46. Kirov Apartment-Museum
    (Sergei M. Kirov Apartment-Museum, branch of Museum of St. Petersburg History)
  47. P.K. Kozlov Apartment-Museum
  48. Kronshtadt Local History Museum
  49. Kronverk, Wax Figures Museum
  50. Arkhip Kuindghi Apartment-Museum

  51. Kunstkamera, see Anthropology and Ethnography of the World Museum
  52. Lenin Apartment-Museum
    (Vladimir I. Lenin Memorial Museum-Apartment)
  53. Lenin Memorial Museum in Smolny
    (Vladimir I. Lenin Memorial Museum)
  54. Leningrad During the War and Siege Years, branch of the Museum of St. Petersburg's History
  55. Lyceum
    (All-Russian Museum of Alexander S. Pushkin, Museum-Lyceum)
  56. Lomonosovsky China Factory Museum
  57. Marble Palace, branch of the State Russian Museum
  58. Marli pavilion at Petrodvorets
  59. Dmitry Mendeleev Museum-Archive at St. Petersburg State University
  60. Menshikov Palace, and the collection on the Russian Culture of the early eighteenth century, branch of the State Hermitage
  61. Metrology Museum (Museum of Metrology, Mendeleev Research Institute)
  62. Mikhailovsky Castle, branch of the State Russian Museum
  63. Military Medicine Museum
    (Military-Medical Museum)
  64. Militia Museum
  65. Mineralogy Museum of the St. Petersburg State University
  66. Monument to Heroic Defenders of Leningrad
  67. Museum of the History of Revolutionary-Democratic Movement in 1880s-90s
  68. Musical Instruments Exhibition, branch of the State Museum of Theater and Musical Art
  69. Nabokov's House
  70. Narodovolets, branch of the Central Navy Museum
  71. Narva Triumphal Arch (Narvskiye Triumphal Gates)
  72. Navy Museum (Central Navy Museum)
  73. Nikolai Nekrasov Apartment-Museum
  74. Oktyabrsky Railroad Central Museum
  75. Oranienbaum State Museum

  76. Oreshek Fortress, see Shlisselburg-Oreshek Fortress
  77. Pavlovsk State Museum
  78. Penaty, Ilya E. Repin Museum-Estate
  79. Peter and Paul Cathedral
  80. Peter III Palace at Lomonosov
  81. Peterhof State Museum
  82. Piskariovskoye Memorial Cemetery Museum of the Siege of Leningrad
  83. Podvodnaya Lodka (Submarine), branch of the Central Navy Museum
  84. Police History Museum
    (Gorokhovaya 2, Russian Police History, branch of Russian Political History Museum)
  85. Political History Museum
    (Russian Political History Museum)
  86. Alexander Popov Apartment-Museum
  87. Press History Museum
    (Museum of St. Petersburg Press History)
  88. Pushkin Museum and Memorial Apartment
    (All-Russian Museum of Alexander S. Pushkin)
  89. Pushkin Museum-Dacha
    (Alexander Pushkin Museum-Dacha, Branch of the All-Russian Museum of Alexander Pushkin)
  90. Pushkin, the Town of, see Tsarskoye Selo
  91. Pushkinsky Dom, the Literary Museum of Russian Literature Research Institute
  92. Railway Museum
    (Central Museum of Railroad Transport)
  93. Rimsky-Korsakov Apartment-Museum
    (Nikolai A. Rimsky-Korsakov Museum-Apartment, branch of the Theater and Musical Art Museum)
  94. Road of Life, State Museum of Leningrad Siege, at Kokkorevo township (Leningrad region)
  95. State Russian Museum
  96. Samoilov Family Memorial Apartment, branch of St. Petersburg State Museum of Theater and Musical Art.
  97. Shlisselburg-Oreshek Fortress
  98. Siege of Leningrad Museum
  99. St Isaac's Cathedral
  100. St. Petersburg City History Museum
  101. State Ethnographic Museum, at Pushkin
  102. Alexander Suvorov Memorial Museum NEWLY REOPENED!
  103. Sheremetev Palace, branch of the State Museum of Theater and Musical Art
  104. Stroganov Palace , branch of the State Russian Museum
  105. Summer Garden and Summer Palace of Peter the Great
  106. Taras Shevchenko Studio Museum
  107. Theater and Musical Art Museum
    (St. Petersburg State Museum of Theater and Musical Art)
  108. Tram Terminal # 1 Museum
  109. Trubetskoy Bastion Prison (in Peter and Paul Fortress)
  110. Tsarskoselskaya Collection
  111. Tsarskoye Selo, State Museum
  112. Urban Sculpture Museum
  113. Visiting Cards Museum
  114. Watches Museum, Petrodvorets Watch and Clock Factory
  115. Wax Figures Museum
    (St. Petersburg Historical Museum of Wax Figures)
  116. Yelagin Palace
    (Yelaginoostrovsky Palace-Museum)
  117. Yusupov Palace
  118. Zoschenko Museum (State Literary Museum of Mikhail M. Zoschenko)
  119. Zoological Museum




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