Please note that all fares are subject to change at short notice. We make every effort to keep this page as up-to-date as possible. However, the fares might change by the time you arrive in St. Petersburg.

Since January, 2005 all trams, trolleybuses and regular buses have conductors on board. (The "honor system", which was introduced in the early 70s, is no longer in place). Conductors usually wear uniform with red arm bands or ID badges. Show your monthly pass to a conductor or pay in cash for your ticket

The cost of a ticket on trams, trolleybuses and regular buses is 10 rubles - $0.28. Please keep your tickets till the end of your journey, because a conductor or an inspector (kontrolior) might want to look at them. If you stay in St. Petersburg for more than 2 weeks it is very convenient to buy a monthly pass

NEW! T-buses and E(express)-buses accept payment in cash only. You normally pay the conductor on a T-bus and the driver on an E-bus.

A ride on a T-bus will cost you 17 rubles - $0.48.
A ride on an E-bus usually costs 10 rubles - $0.28.

In the metro you can pay with tokens, which can be purchased at any station. Otherwise, you can buy a monthly pass or a 10 journey pass.

Metro tokens for one journey, called zheton (plural - zhetony) cost 10 rubles - $0.28.

Have a nice ride!


(The following might be a bit confusing, but it can save you some money if you plan to stay in St. Petersburg for a long period of time).

Monthly pass for all city transport (Metro, trams, trolleybuses and regular buses, but not T-buses and E-buses) is called yedinaya kartochka and will cost you $20. There is a variety of other passes, which are designed to meet most transportation requirements. There are tram passes, bus passes, and trolleybus passes You can also get a combination pass.

All passes can be purchased at metro stations

N.B.! No bus passes are valid on T-buses and E-buses.



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